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Pickup Set for Electric BassWhile the colleagues of the 6-string fraction often have a rather conservative view towards active pickups, bassists are more open and willing to experiment. Thus the EMG bass pickups have been enjoying great popularity for many years.   A classic for almo..
22 490 р.
Pickup Set With P style and J style pickup For 4-string Standard PJ milling Newly developed preampwith open and dynamic sound concept Including solderless install system, volume control with smooth axis, active tone control set, output jack, battery clip, screws ..
23 590 р.
EMG Geezer Butler PJHZ Black
Pickup-Set for Electric-Bass Geezer Butler signature set Passive Alnico 5 magnets 1 P-Style split coil 1 J-Style single coil Solder connection Colour: Black Including solderless install system, 2x 1x 250k 250k tone potentiometer, 1 mono output jac..
14 790 р.
Pickup Set for Electrical Bass Only for 4 strings Active Design and sound of a classical single coil pickup but devoid of mains hum Visible Alnico V magnets Percussive vintage sound Output socket jack Battery-clip set, screws & springs Includi..
25 020 р.
E-Bass Pickup 2 Pickups MM and J in a housing Active Colour: Black Incl. push / pull potentiometer, battery clip and jack ..
16 880 р.
40DC pickup for electric bassWhile the colleagues in the guitar section are more conservative with comparatively active pickups, the bassists were always more open and eager to experiment. So the EMG bass pickups have enjoyed great popularity for many years.   The EMG 40DC is a doubl..
14 680 р.
Active Pickup Set for Electric Bass For J-Style models Classic jazz bass characteristic with an extended frequency range With additional Dynamic and Headroom of the X-Series Pre-Amp Output: Medium Harmonic overtones, pressure and minor minor noises Connection..
24 690 р.
PJ-Pickup-Set Very popular system Full and powerful bass sounds with the singing mids of the "J" pickup Only for 4-string basses EMG Quik-connect ..
22 490 р.
Pick Up 2 Parallel placed coils Broad magnetic field Deep, rich bass Incl. EMG Quik connect cable, prewired volume/ tone control set, output socket, battery clip set, screws ..
14 680 р.
EMG Geezer Butler PHZ Black
Pickup Geezer Butler signature model Passive Alnico 5 magnets 1 P-style split coil Solderless Colour: Black Incl. Potentiometers and cabling ..
14 790 р.
EMG BTS System
EMG EQ / Potentiometer Knob Set For active EMG bass pickups Suitable for active and passive pickups 4 Knobs: 2-band EQ plus balance and volume control Incl. Quik connect solderless install system ..
17 210 р.
EMG BTC Control
BTC Control For electric basses Tandem potentiometer with active 2-band EQ Treble and bass: +/- 12 dB 4 Center adjustable frequencies: 2100 Hz, 3500 Hz, 4500 Hz, 7000 Hz Suitable for active and passive pickups ..
13 690 р.
EMG HB Steinberger
Pickup For Electric Bass Structure, tone and output power as P-type Guitar humbucker housing Recommended for bass guitars with a total string spacing (G1 - E4) of max. 50 mm Complete with potentiometer, jack and battery clip Colour: Black ..
15 450 р.
Pickup P style pickup For 4-string bass Standard P milling Newly developed preamplifier with open and dynamic sound concept Incl. Solderless installation system, volume control with smooth axis, active sound control, output socket, battery clip, screws ..
16 990 р.
Pickups For Electric Bass MM Style Active humbucker with ceramic and steel magnets Ceramic and steel magnets for transparent highs and warm Powerful bass Complete with EMG's Quik-Connect cable, potentiometer, switching jack, battery clip and screws ..
16 550 р.
Active pickup  for 4-string Precision basses  Includes pots  socket and battery clip  color: black ..
14 680 р.
Pickup For 5-string bass Dual coil - 2 coil lying parallel Ceramic magnets Wide magnetic field Profound, rich bass Housing dimensions: 38 x 101.6 mm String field max. 79.3 mm Incl. EMG Quik-Connec cable, pre-wired volume / tone control set, output..
15 890 р.
EMG BQC Control
3-Band EQ for Electric Bass with Active EMG Pickup Bass, semi-parametric mids and highs over 2 concentric / stacked potentiometers Centering for neutral setting Adjustable mid-frequency range from 100 Hz to 1 kHz Including solderless cables, potentiometers, battery clamp..
16 680 р.
Passive P-style Pickup 55.9 mm String field Ceramic magnets and steel cores Fully screened 5-wire Connector With screws without springs ..
14 680 р.
Bass Pickup For four-string bass Design: Soapbar Passive, high-impedance pickups 89 x 38.2 mm for Strings field to 69.5 mm Ceramic and steel magnets High output EMG Silver Logo ..
12 810 р.
Pickup For 5-String E-Bass Soapbar Passive For string field to 79.4 mm Ceramic and steel magnets From high performance goose High impedance Dimensions: 102 x 38 mm Colour: Black ..
13 690 р.
EMG J5 Set
Active pickup set For 5-string J-Style electric bass Output: Medium The original EMG J set for 5 string bass, which became an immediate success with its harmonic overtones, pressure and low noise Classic jazz bass characteristic with a wider sound frequency range C..
22 490 р.
EMG BQC System
Complete Control for Electric Basses with Active EMG Pickups Active balance, master volume and 3-band EQ with control bass Semi-parametric mids and highs over 2 concentric / stacked potentiometers Center locking for neutral setting Adjustable mid frequency range from 100..
23 260 р.
EMG TBHZ Bass Pickup
Pickup for electric bass For TB-style electric bass Passive humbucker Alnico magnets with steel bars Warm, full sound with plenty of punch and output Dimensions (W x H x D): 94.3 x 22.9 x 41.9 mm Colour: Black Incl. EMGs exclusive solderless installatio..
14 680 р.
EMG BTC System 2-Band EQ 3 Potis
Control 2-band EQ 3 Potentiometers for electric basses Tandem potentiometers with active 2-Band equaliser Treble and bass +/- 12 dB 4 Center frequencies (2100, 3500, 4500, 7000 Hz) switchable With additional balance potentiometer and master volume potentiometer ..
17 650 р.
Pickup set for J-Style electric bass "Hum-canceling side by side" coil construction For neck and bridge positions Solderless connections Magnetic material: Alnico 5 Length (bridge): 94 mm Length (neck): 91.1 mm Width: 23.4 mm Built-in depth: 22.9 ..
23 590 р.
Pickup Set for 4-String Electric Bass 2 J-Style Single coils Newly developed pre-amplifier with open and dynamic sound concept Clear tone Modern powerful sound in the mid-range Many overtones Complete with potentiometers, jack socket and battery clip ..
24 690 р.
Active humbucker pickup For 5-string MM-Style electric bass Wide coils combined with a large coil surface provide a rich bass tone Use of EMG's ceramic and steel (CS) design makes the MMCS a great mix of transparent highs with powerful and warm bass Dimensions (W x H x D..
16 990 р.
Active Dual Mode Pickup for 5-String MM-Style Electric Bass Change from humbucker to single coil through a push / pull potentiometer Humbucker pickup with ceramic and steel magnets with full bass sound In single-coil mode, the MMTW becomes the J-Pickup, with detailed presence ..
16 990 р.
Pickup for Bass Guitar Active dual mode pickup For TB Style E-Bass Change from humbucker to single coil through a push / pull potentiometer The single coil mode is the EMG JCS pickup, which was built with ceramic magnets and pole pieces of steel for a rich, warm tone ..
16 220 р.
EMG BTS Control
2-Band EQ for Electric Bass Wide single-pin filters, which are often preferred for musical instruments because they are less selective Bass & treble control: +/- 12 db Four selectable treble control frequencies: 2100, 3500, 4500, 7000 Hz For active or passive pickups..
14 240 р.

История EMG начинается в 1974 году, когда я в гараже моих родителей занимался разработкой электронных устройств и ремонтом усилителей. Еще в 1969 году я уже делал попытки создания датчиков, и никак не мог подумать, что через несколько лет это превратится в доходный бизнес.

Первую лицензию мы получили в апреле 1976 года, тогда мы назывались Dirtywork Studios. В 1978 году мы изменили название на Overland, потому что мы имели признание, и звучало это хорошо. В 1983 году мы стали EMG, Inc. Несмотря на все изменения названия компании, наши датчики всегда были известны как EMG pickups. Мало кто знает, почему мы их назвали EMG, но мы откроем секрет. EMG – Electro-Magnetic Generator.

На сегодняшний день и уже в течении многих лет активные звукосниматели практически ассоциируются с EMG, что делает EMG лидером среди производителей активных датчиков. Датчики EMG уже комплектуются на многих моделях гитар таких производителей как ESP, Jackson, Schecter.

В активных датчиках EMG установлены слабые магниты, катушки звукоснимателей сделаны с маленьким сопротивлением,  а часть усилителя находится в корпусе гитары, который запитывается от батарейки 9В. Большое признание активные датчики получили от исполнителей тяжелой музыки. Также компания EMG занимается выпуском пассивных звукоснимателей EMG HZ. Популярность пассивных датчиков значительно меньше.  

На сегодняшний день компания EMG обладает огромным списком музыкантов, которые предпочитают датчики EMG. Среди них такие имена как: James Hetfield (Metallica), Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Zack Wylde и Nick Catanese (Black Label Society), Kerry King (Slayer), Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom), Steve Lukather (Toto), Victor Wooten, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Tosin Abasi, Robert Trujillo (Metallica), а также многие другие.

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