Производитель: EMG
Модель: MM5TW
Наличие: 1
Цена: 16 990 р.
Количество:   в закладки || сравнение
Active Dual Mode Pickup for 5-String MM-Style Electric Bass
  • Change from humbucker to single coil through a push / pull potentiometer
  • Humbucker pickup with ceramic and steel magnets with full bass sound
  • In single-coil mode, the MMTW becomes the J-Pickup, with detailed presence and strong mids
  • Dimensions: (WxHxD): 111.8 x 21.6x 49.1 mm
  • Color: Black
Note: When using two TW pickups in the same instrument, it is not recommended to use EMG BT or EMG BQ systems.
Including EMGs wxclusive Solderless Installation System:
  • 1x Push / pull potentiometer
  • 1x 25k tone potentiometer
  • 1x Battery bus
  • 1x Stereo output jack
  • 1 Pair of mounting screws
  • 1x Pickup cable
  • 2x Connection cable
  • 1x Output cable
  • 1x Battery cable

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