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Carl Martin Blue Ranger
Electric guitar effect pedal Texas overdrive Controls for drive, level and tone Power supply with optional 9V power supply or battery (both not included) ..
6 520 р.
Carl Martin Classic Flange
Flanger Effect Pedal  Control for Speed  Depth  Pre-Delay  Feedback  Slow-Fast Switch  Switch for Bypass and Effekt  1/4" Jack In and Output  9Volt DC Power Supply connector (not included) ..
8 060 р.
Carl Martin Classic Optical Envelope
Effect Pedal Auto-Wah effect For guitar and bass Three sound modes: High, Band and Low pass Opto-Technology Buffered effect on/off Controls for: Level, Drive, Tone and Q Jack sockets inputs and outputs 9 Volt DC Adapter connector (not included) ..
9 790 р.
Carl Martin Surf Trem 2018
Effect Pedal Tremolo 2018 Edition in new, lighter aluminum housing Classic 50s and 60s tremolo sounds True bypass Controls for depth and speed Bypass footswitch Status LED Metal case 6.3 mm mono jack input / output Power supply with 9 ..
13 190 р.
Carl Martin Hydra Boost
Effects Pedal 15 dB Boost Power supply with 9 V power supply or battery (both not included) ..
14 750 р.
Carl Martin Purple Moon 2019 Vintage Fuzz
Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar Two classic analogue Hendrix vintage style effects Controls: Depth, Level, Speed, Fuzz, Level Bypass footswitch Connections on the rear of the device Aluminium housing designed by Carl Martin, Denmark True bypass Status ..
16 930 р.
Carl Martin DC-Drive 2018
Effect Pedal Overdrive 2017 edition in new lighter aluminum case Smaller footprint on the pedalboard 2 Modes: Fat / Reg Controls for Tone, Drive and Level 2-Way toggle switch to select between overdrive modes Bypass footswitch Status LED Met..
16 930 р.
Carl Martin Atlantic Chorus
Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar Chorus / Vibrato Full, round vintage chorus sound True bypass Infinitely variable between chorus and vibrato Speed, rate, depth and level controls Bypass foot-switch Status LEDs Metal case 6.3 mm Mono jack i..
16 930 р.
Carl Martin Pro Power V2
Multi Power Supply Output 1-6: 9 V DC with 150mA or 12VDC with 150 mA Output 7-8: 9 V DC 350 mA or 12 V DC with 300 mA Max. output: 1600 mA Electrically isolated outputs Dimensions: 173 x 90 x 45 mm Weight: 1.5 kg Incl. voltage doubling cable & ampe..
18 480 р.
Carl Martin Rock Bug
Effect Foot Pedal Amplifier/loudspeaker simulation plus headphone amplifier Switch for closed/open for speaker simulation Master output control Guitar volume control Balanced XLR output AUX Stereo inputs for MP3 CD or DAT Jack input and output ..
20 780 р.
Carl Martin Route Box
Route Box Effect Pedal Router Different application possibility examples: 1 guitar on 2 amps, or 2 guitars on 1 amp ..
20 000 р.
Carl Martin Panama
Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar "Hot Modded" Plexi Overdrive Inspired by the famous drive sounds of the '80s Controls: Gain, Level, Damping, Tone "Damping" controls the timbre of the overdrive Sound spectrum in the overdrive: Aggressive/Piercing to warm 12 V..
21 570 р.
Carl Martin Single Channel PlexiTone
Plexitone Carl Martin - это педаль, которая в течение некоторого времени гарантировала легендарный и непревзойденный звук раннего Plexis. Были регулярные попытки сделать это, со смешанными результатами. Carl Martin Plexitone принял вызов и действительно звучит очень аутентично. Одноканальный плек..
21 570 р.
Carl Martin Octa-Switch MKII
Switching System For effect devices 8 Individually manageable loops 8 Individually manageable channels 8 DIP switches per channel 8 Channel button 7 Send / return 1 Send / return R/L Input with buffer switch for 100% true bypass or buffered bypass ..
30 880 р.
Carl Martin Andy Timmons Compressor
Effects pedal for electric guitar Compressor / Limiter Andy Timmons signature model 2 Preset options Studio quality Twofold controls for both Comp and Level Controls for Threshold and Response Foot switch: Select and Bypass 1x Connector for a remo..
30 880 р.
Carl Martin Lick Box Signature Greg Howe
Effects pedal Greg Howe Signature Boost / Crunch / High Gain Overdrive Metal housing Status LEDs BOOST Section controller for boost CRUNCH Section Controls for Level, Gain and Tone HIGH GAIN Section Controls for Level, Gain and Tone 3 bypass footswitch,..
33 970 р.
Carl Martin Headroom Model
Effect Pedal Spring reverb 2 Reverb programs Switchable Lockable springs Controls for Level A, Level B, Tone A and Tone B Switches for reverb, select and bypass Power supply with 9V power supply (not included) or battery(not included) ..
35 530 р.
Carl Martin Octa-Switch MK3
Switching System for Effect Devices New layout 8 Individually manageable loops 8 Individually manageable channels 8 DIP switches per channel 8 Channel buttons 7 Send / return 1 Send / return R / L Input with Buffer Switch for 100% Real True Bypass..
51 030 р.
Carl Martin Quattro
Multi-effects Device 4 Classic Carl Martin Effects Compressor / limiter 2 Channel overdrive Vintage style echo (tap tempo) Chorus FX loop for external effects Weight: 1.96 kg Dimensions: 41 x 6.5 x 16 cm Power supply (included) ..
75 840 р.
Carl Martin Acoustic Gig
Effect pedal  Preamp, compressor/limiter  semi-parametric 3-band EQ  boost, reverb, echo, tuner  semi-parametric 3-band EQ  define frequencies of EQ bands according to individual requirements  renowned compressor/limiter circuitr..
85 160 р.
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