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Zoom B1Xon

Производитель: ZOOM
Модель: B1Xon
Наличие: 1
Цена: 11 620 р.
Количество:   в закладки || сравнение
Multieffect for Electric Bass
  • 75 Bass effects including distortion, dynamics effects, modulation effects as well as reverbs, delays and thomann many amp models
  • 30-second looper in CD quality
  • 5 effects can be used simultaneously
  • 100 Storage spaces
  • Easy preselection of preset via preselect feature
  • Built-in drum machine with 68 drum patterns
  • AUX IN for external audio sources
  • Large illuminated LCD display, USB port for firmware updates
  • Power supply via 4 x AA batteries (approx. 20 h thomann operation time) or optional mains connector (not included in purchase)
  • Dimensions (D x L x H): 155 x 237 x 50 mm

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