Digitech FS 3X
Digitech FS 3X Digitech FS 3X Digitech FS 3X Digitech FS 3X

Digitech FS 3X

Производитель: Digitech
Модель: FS 3X
Наличие: 1
Цена: 5 390 р.
Количество:   в закладки || сравнение
3-Function Foot SwitchDigitech offers a wide range of effect pedals, which shine through many new ideas and are anything thomann but "one trick ponies". It would be great, of course, if the many possibilities of the all-rounder could be used synonymously without spine warping between two songs (or even just during one). This is exactly what the FS3X pedal offers - with which you can comfortably switch models thomann and other functions of the JamMan loop, the Jimi Hendrix Experience pedal and the new EX7 expression pedal.
  • For JamMan Looper, Jimi Hendrix Experience pedal and EX7 expression pedal
  • Modes: Up and Down
  • Stable metal casing
  • Passive operation
  • Incl. 3 m TRS stereo cable connection (no additional power supply required)

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