DiMarzio DP148 BK
DiMarzio DP148 BK DiMarzio DP148 BK

DiMarzio DP148 BK

Производитель: DiMarzio
Модель: DP148 BK
Наличие: 1
Цена: 11 570 р.
Количество:   в закладки || сравнение
Ultra J-Style Pickup
DiMarzio was first to offer replacement pickups for electric-guitars and -basses and since the early 70s still holds its position with a successful combination of tradition and innovation.
If you love the jazz-bass sound but you would like to see more treble and volume but without side noise, with the J Ultra you'll get exactly that: the sound is fat, funky and somehow bigger!
The bridge-version can be very well combined with the P-Model or the P-Split.
  • More than Model J
  • Position: Bridge
  • Wiring standard four conductor
  • Magnet Alnico 5 and ceramic
  • Output 250 mV
  • DC resistance 12.30 K

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