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Darkglass Microtubes B7K Ultra v2
Effect Pedal Bass Overdrive The versatility and sound capabilities of the first version with advanced features Single user-loadable speaker simulation Impulse Response Micro-USB B port for connection to a PC/Mac 3.5 mm Headphone output with speaker simulation ..
31 990 р.
Darkglass Microtubes B3K v2 Bass Overdr
Effect Pedal for Electric Bass Overdrive Successor to the renowned B3K CMOS Overdrive All original features with additional mid-boost to restore thomann the mids for natural character and a tone button instead of the Attack switch A perfect combination of brutality and c..
16 990 р.
Darkglass Vintage Ultra v2
Effect Pedal for Electric Bass Bass Distortion Controls for Master, Blend, Level, Drive, Bass, Lo Mid, Hi Mid, Treble Mini switch thomann for Attack, Lo Mid (500 Hz / 1 kHz / 250 Hz), Grunt, Hi Mid (15 kHz / 3 kHz / 750 Hz) Jack input and output Footswitch for Dist..
31 990 р.
Darkglass Alpha-Omega
Effect pedal for electric bass Preamp / distortion Controls: Blend, Level, Drive, Mod, Bass, Mid, and Treble Switch: Growl and Bite XLR thomann DI output Power consumption: 30 mA Power supply with 9 V battery or via 9 V DC power supply (not included) Di..
25 990 р.
Darkglass Microtubes B7K v2 Bass Overdr
Effect Pedal for Electric Bass All the features of the craved B7K, with the ability to better sculpture the thomann tone. On the Low Mids the center frequency can change from 1 kHz to 500 Hz, and on the High Mids from 3 kHz to 1.5 kHz.   Overdrive Delivers punchy, dynam..
23 990 р.
Darkglass Alpha Omicron Bass Distortion
Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar Provides the distortion and flexibility of the alpha-omega in a smaller format With the two thomann distortions, it offers the same harmonically rich, various sounds as its big brother Knobs: Blend - mod - level - drive Buttons: Growl - b..
18 990 р.
Darkglass Vintage Microtubes Bass Overd
Bass Overdrive Effect Pedal With different amp characters Controls for Level, Blend, Drive, ERA, buffer bypass Original Hybrid FET/CMOS gain stages Operates thomann on 9V DC power supply (not included) Made in Finland ..
16 990 р.
Thomann NT 0910 AC/PSA
AC /PSA Power Supply for Effects Pedals Suitable for devices by Ibanez, Boss, Behringer and others 9 V DC / thomann 1 A Connector: 5.5 mm / 2.1 mm Polarity: + outside Switching power supply technology ..
870 р.
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